• Paint Stripper Collection Tray

Do you strip paint using liquid paint strippers?

With older coatings now requiring removal more frequently most painters at some point will need to do some paint stripping. Liquid stripper is still one of the most common products used to remove paint and while it is very effective and works to remove the paint the real draw back is the mess. The debris that is scraped off needs to be collected, generally this is on plastic or old drop sheets, all the while trying not to walk through it or have it blow everywhere with the wind ........ and this is when working on a single level home. When working 3 stories up, containment becomes another whole challenge as the debris that is removed needs to fall 6 metres to get to the ground and while doing so gets all over the scaffolding in the process making a hazardous mess.

Paint Stripping Collection Trays take control of capture and containment of the debris, regardless of whether you are 20 stories up or working at ground level. Attach the trays using screws to the wall at a level that you are working at and get stripping. Let the trays catch the debris, once full, empty using a dustpan into an appropriate disposal bag.

When finished unscrew and move down to your next work level.

Robust galvanised steel.

Rolled safety edges.

4 screw easy fixing.

Light weight - less than 3kgs

1200mm x 250mm x 150mm

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Paint Stripper Collection Tray

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